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L.D.S. Temples Screensaver

... a little bit of heaven on earth

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This downloadable version of the screen saver will need unlocked to view all of the 40+ temple pictures.  Before being unlocked, it will display the Boston, Washington D.C., Santo Domingo, Kirtland, Nauvoo, Boise, Atlanta,  and the Cardston Alberta  temples.  It will not expire, and is like getting a mini temple screen saver for free.  It offers the same quality pictures and functions of the unlocked versions, but only displays the eight temples shown below.

The downloadable version of the temple screensaver  is only $9.95.  If you wish to have the screensaver on CD, the price will be $14.95 plus $2.95  shipping and handling.  If you are ordering the downloadable version, you will be e-mailed then necessary information unlock the screensaver after we process your order, so please make sure you enter a valid e-mail address when ordering.  

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     Click here to download now. This is both the demo and full version of the temples screensaver (8 temples are in the demo version).  Payment is required to unlock the demo and view all 40+ temples.

After you have received the information to unlock the screensaver (with paid orders only) go to the Unlocking the Screensaver page for instructions on how to unlock it and show all of the available temples.

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